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The Hemophilia Society of Malaysia (HSM) is a not-for-profit organization working to provide and improve treatment for people with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. HSM is a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia.

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In people with bleeding disorders, the clotting process doesn’t work properly. As a result, people with bleeding disorders can bleed for longer than normal, and some may experience spontaneous bleeding into joints, muscles, or other parts of their bodies.

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World Hemophilia Day 2015 - Swim for a Healthier You

Sabah Hemophilia Education Workshop 2015

Notice of HSM Annual 
General Meeting 2014

World Hemophilia Day 2014 - FSKTM UM Walkathon

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World  Through  My  Eyes,  is a  platform aimed  at  energising  and  increasing  awareness  about  various  chronic  illnesses  prevalent  in Asia,  by  empowering  patients  and  caregivers  with  the  opportunity  to  share  about  their challenges,  triumphs  and  dreams. It  is  a  collaborative  project  that involves numerous patient support organisations from more than 8 countries across Asia. Following  the  success  of  the  first  campaign  targeted  at  igniting  and  unifying  the  Rare Disease patient  voice on 29 February 2016 ,  this is the second  campaign  to  raise awareness  for  Haemophilia  in  Asia. 

Two of our Haemophiliacs - Dr Qabil & Shahridzuel Suhir had shared their stories in conjunction with World Hemophilia Day on 17 April 2016. You may access this link: 

to read further on their stories.

- Kuala Lumpur is your host city for WFH World Congress 2020 -


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