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What We Do?

We will:
  • Ensure the highest quality of service by complying with established standards and continuously auditing our performance;
  • Develop advance management and work in collaboration with World Federation of Hemophilia, healthcare providers, and governments to design and deliver programs and services that support optimal, sustainable treatment and care;
  • Promote excellence lifestyle by sharing knowledge with healthcare providers and people with haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders;
  • Provide education and information to all people with haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders and their families regardless of race, religion, gender or social standings;
  • Be open and transparent in all our dealings;
  • Be courteous and committed in our dealings with people, respecting confidentiality and individual dignity;
  • Respect professional standards;
  • Accept responsibility and be accountable to the members or other appropriate bodies for all we do;
  • Promote an environment for members and volunteers that is safe, productive, and characterized by teamwork, open communication, fair treatment and recognition for their contributions;
  • Improve the mechanism of fund raising and use all resources responsibly.

We want:
  • A healthier and more productive society for all people with haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders;
  • An integration between healthcare providers and the Society towards a better and sustainable treatment;
  • Excellence and satisfaction in all we do;
  • Our members, volunteers, healthcare providers, and the community that we serve to be proud of the services we offer and roles we play.